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A Letter to Freshman~

Dear incoming freshmen,

Welcome and congratulations on your choice to enter the Department of English at Aletheia University. You have heard about the scenic beauty and awesome views around the AU campus; now you are about to discover there is much more in store for you on the AU horizon. Since its founding, the Department of English has progressed with one goal in mind: to prepare students to be the best they can be in English proficiency, professional readiness, and personal integrity.

In keeping with the latest trend for ethical, globally aware, and competent communicators, the faculty and curriculum in the Department of English focus on the fundamentals of English language in practice as well as the application of language skills to special purposes such as business, journalism, tourism, linguistics, literature, and cross-cultural studies including western dramatic arts, and philosophy.

As Chair of the Department of English, I am dedicated to the holistic approach to education that takes into consideration the well-being and personal needs of each student. Our teachers are committed, conscientious professionals who value the opportunity to teach, inspire, and guide students as you pursue your interests, dreams, and future to become an outstanding member of society. Your achievement goals are our goals; therefore, you will find the department teachers and staff always available to answer your questions and offer helpful advice.

Enjoy your new college life!

Sincerely yours,

Shu-Chin, Su

Dr. Shu-Chin, Su.

Chair, Department of English

Tel: (02) 2621-2121#2102

Email: au5322@mail.au.edu.tw


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