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Vision and Mission

In pursuit of “truth, love, and service” as the core value of this program, AU English Dept. is dedicated to cultivate English professionals equipped with humanistic qualities, independent thinking, and global perspectives.


Goals and Objectives

  1.  To develop English communication skills by building up a solid foundation of the language
  2.  To instill knowledge of British and American Literature with a full appreciation of its essence
  3.  To apply English to practical usage by laying a strong groundwork for employment capacity
  4.  To cultivate liberal humanities with international perspective
  5.  To promote enthusiasm for English language service with a cooperative team spirit


Core competencies/expertise

  1.  Basic English language skills and practical English language proficiency
  2.  The ability to appreciate British and American literature
  3.  Basic linguistic knowledge and English teaching ability
  4.  Cross cultural perspective and logical thinking and critical analysis
  5.  Team spirit and service attitude


Ability indices

  1. Oral and written communication fluency in English
  2. Accomplishment in English literary appreciation
  3. Linguistic analysis and English teaching competence
  4. Understanding of cultural differences with a global perspective
  5. Dedication to team work and full completion of each service project


Career Opportunities

  1.  Advanced Education: Graduates are encouraged to apply to domestic and foreign research institutes or affiliated universities abroad for continuous study in English field or other fields.
  2.  Employment opportunities: Graduates are recommended to take advantage of their strong English competence to engage in work areas such as:
    •  teaching and cultural sectors: English teachers, editors, reporters, language consultants, translators, cultural creative industry personnel, and so on.
    •  trade and business management industry: public relations, foreign secretaries, overseas purchasing, international customer service, foreign companies personnel, and so on.
    •  Tourism industry: tour guides, inter preters, flight attendants, travel agents, and international hotel reception staff, and so on.
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